08 September 2023

The Amazing Vaughan Savidge!

Apologies for the long gap since my last post – and for this perhaps rather silly one – but here is an extract from the LinkedIn page for Vaughan Savidge, former BBC Radio Four continuity announcer and newsreader, indicating a remarkably long career, dating from even before radio was invented. And he’s still going strong!

In the circumstances, his comments are more amusing than perhaps he intended!

  • Voice over artist, film dubbing artist, writer

    different companies in a freelance capacity

     - Present 123 years

    It seems much, much longer.

  • Newsreader and announcer

    BBC Radio 4, BBC Radio 3, Economist podcast

     - 117 years 7 months

    **** NOW with added HOME STUDIO ****

    It seems longer.

  • Gob

    BBC WS

     - 97 years

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